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Pakistan supports Malaysia’s proposal for NAM news agency

KUALA LUMPUR, November 22 2005: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Monday November 21 supported Malaysia’s proposal for setting up of a news agency of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) states.

“Malaysia’s proposal, to transform Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool (NANAP) into an inter-net based news exchange and distribution mechanism, called Non-Aligned News Network (NNN) must receive the endorsement and support of all,” he said while addressing the inaugural session of the 6th ministerial conference of NAM countries.

Complimenting Malaysia for offering to host NNN and underwriting its setting-up costs, Rashid said: “I am confident that with the initial thrust during Malaysia’s able leadership of NAM, the Non-Aligned News Network would soon become a major platform for information flow among NAM member countries, as well as a useful portal to furnish the world with news written through our perspective.”

He placed on record Pakistan’s full support and cooperation to make the Non-Aligned News Network a success.

Rashid commended the emphasis placed by the conference, that our information and communication strategies should be rooted in historical and cultural processes.

“Also, the views and models of the media of developed countries should not be allowed to determine the style and media-policies of the developing countries. In this context, the emphasis on training and capacity-building, on the one hand and stoppage of brain-drain, on the other hand, are timely and important concerns for which efforts should be rightfully redoubled,” he added.
Source: The News