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PA adjourned till 14th amid pandemonium over Dr Shazia case

KARACHI, March 01, 2005 The Sindh Assembly proceedings were adjourned till March 14 due to pandemonium which prevailed in the House on Tuesday over the remarks of a minister.

Speaker Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah adjourned the house by expunging the unparliamentary remarks over which the opposition lodged a strong protest and the House witnessed exchange of hot words from both the treasury and opposition benches.

The agenda of the day could not be completed due to shouting and disturbances and the opposition members raised slogans of “thieves, thieves” while the treasury benches also shouted back and the House was in complete pandemonium which provided an opportunity to the chair to adjourn the House till next week.

Earlier, speaker Shah asked the leader of the opposition that some ministers had plans to leave for overseas and some had official engagements for which they wanted to adjourn the proceeding over the next few days.

However, the leader of opposition Nisar Khuhro opposed this move and urged the chair to complete the agenda of the day first.

The uproar began when the proceeding started in the morning and the chairman of the panel Mir Naseer Khoso who was in the chair adjourned the proceeding till prayer time, as the House was completely in pandemonium.

The leader of opposition, Nisar Khuhro, wanted to ask some questions about the development schemes. The Minister for Planing and Development Shoaib Bukhari claimed that this was the first regime which allocated funds for the schemes proposed by the opposition members.

However, Khuhro rejected the claim of the minister concerned and said that it was the money of people not the minister. Some of the opposition members also rose in their seats and shouted when the Law Minister Chaudhry Iftikhar tried to pacify the situation. The House was complete bedlam and galleries could not hear anything as the members of both sides were shouting. The chairman of the panel Naseer Khoso adjourned the proceeding for prayer.

Later, proceedings recommenced after prayers and speaker Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah who was presiding over the House, expunged some unparliamentary remarks passed in the morning session.

He told the leader of the opposition that some ministers had plans to leave for overseas and some had official engagements and as such, they wanted the House adjourned for a few days.

Khuhro opposed this move and asked the chair that he wanted to move an adjournment motion to condemn the gang rape in Sui with a daughter of Sindh as the people were protesting against this incident throughout the province. He urged the House to discuss this matter on an urgent basis because the people of Sindh were very angry over this incident and were looking to their elected assembly members to see justice being done.

However, the Labour Minister, Adil Siddiqi, advised the leader of the opposition to approach the Aurat Foundation on this issue. Khuhro expressed his anger over this remark and asked the minister to tender an apology to the people of Sindh as he had insulted the people of the province. Members of the treasury benches belonging to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement rose in their seats and lodged protest against the leader of opposition.

Adil Siddiqi said that Khuhro always disturbed the House and used derogatory remarks against him as the leader of opposition had some superiority complex. He warned that this attitude would not be allowed at all. Khuhro shouted over the remarks of the labour minister and later the members from both the sides rose on their seats and shouted against each other.

The situation was out of control and finally the speaker adjourned the house till March 14.It is surprising that the assembly had constituted a House Committee to ensure smooth proceedings yet the House witnessed unprecedented uproar the very next day.
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