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Of good governance

Rulers somehow never tire of lamenting that it is very difficult to rule the country.

A lady from the ruling party was invited on a talk show the other day, accompanied by two others guests. When the other guests complained about bad governance, poverty, suicidal tendencies, load-shedding and a plethora of other problems, she replied that it’s easy to criticise but difficult to govern. She implied that the government was otherwise doing a great service to the poor of this country.

If good governance is so difficult, why do politicians spend millions during elections to get into power? Why do they beg people to vote for them? Why donÂ’t they tell the people at the time of elections that they would not be able to solve their problems because of a backlog of problems?

And most importantly, who forces these people to sit in assemblies?

Johi, District Dadu
Source: Dawn