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NWFP government enjoys cordial relations with journalists

PESHAWAR (September 13 2003): Chief Minister of NWFP Akram Khan Durrani said the provincial government has cordial relations with journalists’ community.

Talking to a delegation of senior journalists at the Frontier House, the chief minister said that both the journalists and the government people belonged to same society and shared each other problems and joys. NWFP Assembly Speaker Bakht Jehan Khan was also present on the occasion.

The chief minister expressed concern over the untoward incident that took place at the provincial assembly the other day.Durrani said the government had a great respect for journalists. He said journalists are the source of guidance for the government as the government listen and see through the journalists’ eyes and ears.

He said they are democratic people and have the understanding of the importance of relations between journalists and the government. He said the government was co-operating with the journalists in the performance of their duties. There should be no distance between the government and the journalists’ community.

He said the unfortunate incident at the assembly premises was a result of the misunderstanding and should be forgotten. He said the NWFP assembly speaker was honest and respectable personality and he had a great respect for the journalists. He assured the delegation that the government would compensate the damages done to the journalists’ property.

He said in future, such like incident would be averted at all cost. Speaking on the occasion Speaker NWFP Assembly Bakht Jehan Khan said he had great respect for journalists and the said incident was a result of misunderstanding. He said we are the guardians of Pukhtoon values and culture based on brotherhood, mutual respect and love.

The chief minister said the government and opposition have cordial relations and all the decisions have been taken with mutual consultations. He said the development funds would be distributed in the province equitably. He said all hurdles in brining changes in the social sector including education; health and communications would be removed.
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