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NGOs employing women threatened

ABBOTTABAD, July 16 2006: Clerics in Mansehra have warned the non-government organizations operating in the district to sack all their women employees by July 30. Speaking at a protest meeting at the central Jamia Masjid, Mansehra, on Saturday, religious leaders of the district threatened that any NGO not implementing the decision by the deadline would be forcibly stopped from operating in the area.

They alleged that women workers of the NGOs were not following the local culture and their activities were in violation of Islamic values. They said a music function was recently held by an NGO in its office near a mosque. Most of the NGOs have closed their offices and sent their staff, especially women, to Islamabad. The district coordination and polices officers have also asked the NGOs in the area to follow local cultural values and norms. Different religious and other organizations had decided to hold a march to Ghazi Kot Township but their protest remained confined to the mosque. Heavy contingents of police had been posted in the city.
Source: Dawn