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‘Neglected art’

THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Neglected art’ (July 3). On behalf of the Sadequain Foundation, USA, I second the concerns you have expressed.

However, the subject of your editorial is much too grave to be handled gingerly with kid gloves.

The problem of neglected art is grave and must be treated with urgency. Granted that resources are limited and there are other priorities of the authorities, but these are only lame excuses for the lack of can-do attitude.

What is lacking is genuine expertise in the subject and lack of aptitude to identify the resources and how to harness them.

There are world class philanthropist organisations which will be willing to assist if competent management team would garner their confidence and trust. Sadequain Foundation has offered its expertise and financial support in the past in writing, but there have been no takers yet.

Sadequain Foundation’s focus is only Sadequain’s art. He is among only a handful of Pakistanis whose name and work would transcend through centuries. If he had done only his murals, even then he would have been the greatest artist of the region.

Look how his monumental murals all over Pakistan are rotting with no relieve in sight. Sadequain’s contribution to the nation is unparalleled and unsurpassed by academic standards or in its monetary value. He did not simply produce ordinary paintings to earn a living, but painted monuments and donated all to the people of Pakistan.

We should not forget that great civilisations and nations have survived the rigours of time because of the resilience of their unique and distinguished cultures, and not by the man-made boundaries that confined their land masses.