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Nawa-i-Waqt ads ban condemned

KARACHI – Chairman Pakistan Steel Mills Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum has said that undoubtedly the media is the fourth pillar of the State but at the same time a journalist has to report with great responsibility.

This he stated in seminar on Media and the National Interests organised by Public Relations and Management Group and Centre for Policy Studies held at local hotel.

He said that freedom of expression should be linked with responsibility as both are related and a reporter has to perform his duties under this syndrome.

The speakers said that present govt and multi-nationals are using advertisements as a tool. The recent action the present govt by stopping the advertisements of newspapers like Nawa-i-Waqt and The Nation should be condemned,they said.

They further said that the democracy is vital for development of media in Pakistan. The Press has made struggle since 1947 and achieved a great success highlighting the truth,they said.

Huma Bukhari said that the media is totally free but still there is need of strengthening of democratic norms. Javed Bukhari,a renowned journalist said that the mediamen should concentrate more on national affairs despite the increasing globalisation. With the opening window of satellite,many things in media have become uncontrollable but we can preserve our culture, heritage and values if we project our lifestyle.

Liaquat Siddique from ICI said that the killing incidents are over exposed,the electronic media should restrain from showing ugly scenes. Iqbal Qasim,the Chief Executive of the Organising Group paid great tributes to the media for its services under odd circumstances.
Source: The Nation