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Misleading television adverts

ONE needs no medical consultation and medicinal treatment. All one needs is certain non-medicinal products, and the ailment is gone. This is what some of the advertisements on our TV channels have been suggesting to viewers.

A particular brand of soap can rid you, not one or two, but of 10 diseases. Surprisingly, these include some diseases which are hard to be cured despite the modern advancement in medical sciences.

Another advertisement by a particular brand of shampoo suggests that you need not consult a dermatologist for your falling hair and related head-skin problems; just use the product and find, besides the new one, your hair lustrous and longer.

Yet another advertisement showed a singer with a soar throat. He went out of tune while singing a song. He took a sip of a particular brand of tea and found quite miraculously his tune in perfect order. The tea did the wonder.

If this is not cheating or something unethical, it could, at least, be called misleading.

Source: Dawn