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Miniature paintings on display at Sanat

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KARACHI: ‘A series of fortunate events’, currently being exhibited at Sanat Gallery, features works by artist Ahmed Javed, in which Javed has used the medium of gouache on wasli.

“It [my collection] is not of traditional Mughal miniatures,” said Javed. “I have stylised it all.”

On a gory landscape, one could find images of a tiger biting a man and cows and camels being slaughtered. “I have given references to contemporary life,” said Javed.

We have become tech savvy, but traditionally, we still don’t question the daily happenings of our lives, said Javed, adding that this is what he has tried to show in his work.

Javed’s paintings focus on the Mughals and the common man of today. He does not believe in treating a miniature like a miniature, but rather thinks it should be given a contemporary twist.

Javed said his collection shows the current situation in our society where communication is minimal and visuals have been greatly affected.

A recent graduate of the National College of Arts in Lahore, Javed learnt the art of Mughal miniature painting in 2013, after which he developed himself as a contemporary visual artist.

The paintings are on display at Sanat Gallery till April 20.

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