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Media urged to expel ‘black sheep’

QUETTA: Noted medical scientist and analyst Dr Haroon-ur-Rasheed Yawar on Sunday said that low educated persons should be banned to become journalists and only qualified people should be allowed to join the significant profession, urging the media authorities to expel fake degree journalists and black sheep from their ranks.

Talking to newsmen here, he said that media enjoyed status of fourth pillar of the state besides playing a role of watchdog on the government as well as society.

He said that media had been assigned a sensitive duty to point out shortcomings of responsible institutions and stakeholders, adding then how every one could be allowed to become a journalist while he could not meet criteria of this profession.

He urged the media authorities to evolve a code of conduct, adding according to which only Masters’ degree holder should be permitted to become a sub-editor or reporter of TV channels and at news desk.

He added that district correspondents should also be put on condition of having graduation degree. Dr Yawar lamented that some dummy newspapers used to issue media service card to low educated and incapable persons and later such fake journalists create mentally depression for other people in order to get their some vested interests. Responding to a question, he said that he was in favour of the stance that only qualified people should become members of the parliament, adding but media should also adopt this criteria that only educated persons should be permitted to work as journalists.

He revealed that virus of hepatitis and many other deadly diseases had been used as biological weapons in some countries.

He emphasised the need to check why hepatitis was being spread in Pakistan at a large scale and rapidly. He recalled that in past, two super powers had used virus and bacteria of some fatal diseases in their opposite block’s countries as biological weapons.
Source: Business Recorder