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Majmua Art Gallery exhibits rich traditions of culture

KARACHI: The Majmua Art Gallery recently organised an exhibition entitled rich traditions of culture and arts. The exhibition features calligraphy, jewellery and works of abstract art. The event was inaugurated by fashion maestro Nadia Mystry, who congratulated the organisers for putting so many creative beings on one platform.

The collections display masterpieces of well-known creative artists like Habib Bhopali, Akbar Muhammad Rashid, Zebun Zuby and others. The Jewellery collection is by Shela Rahat Khan; while Fatima Leghari has hand crafted the indigo blue pottery.

Rashid has worked on the paper and canvas in mixed media for the last 18 years and has participated through Majmua in numerous group shows in London, Turkey, Singapore, Mozambique and Nairobi. He works mainly in abstractions.

Zuby always exploring and evolving as an artist has worked on the poets of the subcontinent, women series and folk stories of Pakistan. Being a prominent figure in the field, she also runs a school and house of décor, focusing on painting, interiors and fashion designs. Her pencil calligraphy is from a series and is also printed in her book.

Bhopali has worked on paper, cloth and canvas, especially on Moghul heritage and art and architecture, and is recently trying his hand at architecture. Ilyas Najam is fairly new to the industry, but is doing a fantastic job in composing and using imaginative colours in his calligraphy. Rahat Khan and Fatima Leghari are emerging artists in their respective fields.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mehreen, the event curator, said, “Throughout history, artists have sought new and innovative ways to tell stories through visual means and continuing its legacy Majmua, which has proudly launched this exhibition.”

“These exhibitions are some of the few initiatives that citizens have to get relief from the tense situation of this city,” commented Nadia. The exhibition will continue till November 15.

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