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London-based group demands Asma Jahangir’s protection

LONDON: The Campaign for People’s Dignity and Security in Pakistan (CPDSP) condemned the recent assassination threats to Asma Jahangir and demanded the authorities take necessary steps to ensure her safety.

At a meeting held at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, members of CPDSP expressed concern over threats to Asma Jahangir and demanded the role of intelligence agencies in public life be curtailed and the supremacy of parliament maintained. In this regard, the CPDSP has decided to petition the Parliamentary Committee of Defence and National Security to conduct a full and an independent inquiry into the threats and make their conclusions public, to appeal to the leadership of key political parties to take a united stand for the protection of all human rights activists, to start a signature campaign for the protection of Asma Jahangir’s life and address it to the government besides British parliamentarians, the United Nations Human Rights Council and all major international human rights organisations and to mobilise the Law Society of England and Wales, the United Kingdom Bar Council and academics based in the United Kingdom. The CPDSP was founded by a group of academics, journalists, lawyers and students to support human dignity and security in Pakistan.

The same group played a significant role in the restoration of democracy and rule of law in Pakistan during the dictatorship of Gen Pervez Musharraf and was a prominent platform for Pakistanis in Britain to protest against the Musharraf regime.

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