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Let me go home, pleads JPMC nurse

Karachi: The nurse allegedly raped by a medico-legal officer at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre was persistently asking everyone who visited her to let her go home.

On a wheel chair, the girl continuously told her mother that she wanted to go home. “Even if in a wheel chair, please take me home!” she said. Her mother pacified her by telling her that she wasn’t well enough yet. “Let me go home!” is all that the patient when her physicians were there to see her.

However, doctors treating her say that this is not possible at the moment. “Her head is fully bandaged and she must not move around as it might worsen her condition. She needs to be taken care of until recovery,” they said.

On Monday, Adviser to chief minister Sharmila Farooqui visited JPMCÂ’s surgical intensive care unit where the nurse is currently under treatment for a head injury. During her meeting with the adviser, the 19-year-old started crying and once again said, “Let me go home!” She told Farooqui that she was sexually assaulted by two men after being kidnapped but she does not remember the place where she was taken to.

Later, Farooqui said that she wanted the authorities to do their work and does not want to interfere in what is becoming a complex situation.

“The doctors have very clearly informed me that she is not in a condition to give a statement. Hopefully, on Tuesday (today) she will be able to say something about her ordeal,” she added.

When asked as to why the girl was not admitted to another hospital considering her sensitive condition, Farooqui said that she was given an option by President Asif Ali Zardari to get treatment at any hospital but her family refused.

On the other hand, head of JPMC’s Emergency Ward Dr Seemin Jamali said that the patient should not be forced to say anything until she fully recovers.

“I do not know what the patient has said but I repeat my earlier statement that asking her too many questions will put pressure on her mind and this is not good for her,” she said.
Source: The News