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‘King of Djinns’ plans to bring out newspapers for his subjects

Qadeer Tanoli

Karachi: The self-proclaimed King of Djinns, Mahboob Ahmad Khan, has decided that his subjects must be kept up to date with the latest developments and has therefore decided to launch a newspaper that caters to them.

Khan, who apart from supposedly ruling the djinns also works as a coordinator at an NGO named Aihtram, told this scribe that his newspaper would be called ‘Djinn News’. The djinns commonly communicate in Hebrew, but have recently adopted modern languages such as English, he claimed.

The man said he had tried to get a declaration for the newspaper in the past, but some of his friends opposed the idea and wondered how an invisible being could possibly read his proposed publication.

Mahboob Ahmad Khan, who is also an artist and a poet, insisted that only a few people have the power to see beings such as djinns. He added that these djinns live in the same world as us, but bide their time in a different dimension.

Born on September 5, 1960, Khan is well-travelled and had been to places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Taiwan. He claims that he has not worked for a salary for the last 15 years and it is the djinns who financially supported his travels.

“I would end up spending US$100 a day during my foreign trips and the djinns were kind enough to provide the finances for these visits.”

Khan also claimed that since he was a child, people would visit and request him to pray for their well-being. The man insisted that he was not living in a fairy-tale world and that all his claims were in fact real.

According to him, the fairies are so beautiful that if they ever revealed themselves to a man, he would be stunned and would yearn to recall that sight for several years. Khan also claimed that an old djinn once made 40 years of his life flash before his eyes in a matter of seconds. He says that his stories, which are full of tales regarding djinns and fairies, are widely appreciated by his friends.

After having graduated from the government City College, Mahboob Khan completed a four-year diploma from the Karachi School of Arts. He has also claims to have done remarkably well with his calligraphy and he says that his works get sold quite easily.

Khan has displayed his works on two different occasions and has taken part in a number of group exhibitions in the past.

The father of two teenage girls – Mariyam (16) and Maliha (14) – Khan wants to start painting again. However, he is in the process of acquiring the necessary brushes, paints, canvases and a proper place where he can create his artworks.

Khan also often issues press statements and circulates them to newspapers to inform them of developments in the fairy world.
Source: The News