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‘Khaq aur Khoon’ screened to project value of freedom

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Sunday screened a feature film “Khaak Aur Khoon” at National Art Gallery (NAG) auditorium in connection with the Pakistan Day celebrations. The film produced by National Film Development Corporation (NAFDEC), portrays Pakistan Freedom Movement, pre-partition events and the struggle of national heroes for an independent country.

The film, based on historical novel “Khaak Aur Khoon” by Nasim Hijazi, describes the sacrifices of Muslims of the Sub-Continent during the time of partition in 1947, when people of different regions were trying to get to Pakistan, as they were Muslims. Many Hindu and Sikh groups were used to attack Muslims during their journey to Pakistan to snatch money and jewellery from them. They robbed everybody they found in the way.

The film not only describes how many sacrifices the Muslims had made to get their own homeland, but it also describes the true face of Hindu fanatics. On June 3, 1947, Lord Mountbatton announced that district of Gurdaspur was going to be aligned with Pakistan. Muslims, after listening to this, guarded the homes and properties of their Non-Muslim neighbours from the riots, but Radcliff gifted this district to India to enable Kashmir to join India. Even the Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh, wanted it to be united with India.

After separation the Hindus, instead of guarding their neighbours’ homes, started killing Muslims. Talking to Daily Times, PNCA Director General Tauqir Nasir said weeklong cultural programmes on the PNCA premises were part of 70th Pakistan Resolution Day celebrations. “The basic aim of all activities is to make youth aware of the freedom movement heroes’ contributions. It is an attempt to remind all sections of the society about the value of freedom and sacrifices made by our forefathers,” Nasir said.
Source: Daily Times