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Journalist chased and threatened

ISLAMABAD: A journalist was chased and threatened with violence near his home late on Wednesday night.Kamran Rehmat, editor of The News, said that a car followed him after he left his office on Murree Road, Rawalpindi, and tailed him to his residence in Sector G-10/1.
“As soon as I stopped my car in front of my house, a man, apparently in his 40s, wearing transparent glasses, came out of the chasing car and started staring at me and looking around the car. I locked my car and stayed inside,” he said.

Then, a woman sitting at the back of the chasing car cleaned the window of her car so she could get a good look at him. “In the meantime another car came and some four people came out of the car, saying, ‘Laga dain?’ (Should we beat him?),” Rehmat added.Rehmat said that during this time, he tried to contact colleagues and even his home number, but in vain. However, the people chasing him then left. “I then made a conscious attempt to remember the number of one of the cars that was IDM 6538,” he said.The police have started investigations.
Source: Daily Times