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Jirga organisers accused of ordering woman’s killing

HYDERABAD, July 25 2006: A man from Mirpurkhas has accused some sardars of the Sanghar district of ordering the murder of his sister in jirga. Speaking at a press conference at the press club here on July 24, Zafar Khan called upon the authorities to take legal action against them for the murder of his sister, Badri. He said that his sister was married to Ali Khan about nine months back. He said that Sardar Baloch Khan and Sardar Qutub Khan held jirga in Shahpur Chakar town on July 14, and declared his sister ‘kari’ and ordered that she should be put to death.

He said that his brother-in-law Ali Khan and Ali Khan’s father Adam Khan and brother Karim Khan killed his sister under the orders of jirga next day and buried her body at some unknown place. He said that later the accused went at the police station and confessed thee crime. He said that he went to the Shahpur Chakar police station to register the FIR but the police only mentioned names of his sister’s husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law but did not include names of Pathan sardars in the FIR who had held jirga.

Zafar Khan said that police had failed to arrest Adam Khan, the father-in-law of his sister. He appealed to the president, prime minister, Sindh chief minister and the superior judiciary to order arrest of sardars. When asked who was declared ‘karo’ by jirga, Zafar Khan said that no one was declared ‘karo’ and only his sister was declared ‘kari’. The mother of the deceased woman, Ms Fatima, her sister Nekan and uncle Alam Khan and Pakistan Human Rights Foundation leaders Farooq Leghari and Farzana Shaheen were also present on the occasion.
Source: Dawn