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Jabbar lauds Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) role for Press Freedom

ISLAMABAD- The Chief Executive’s Adviser on Information Javed Jabbar has said that the government does not want to take any step against Press freedom, rather it wants that the free Press should play its role in accordance with people’s aspirations. He was addressing the meeting of CPNE Standing Committee as a special guest.

Earlier, CPNE President Arif Nizami welcomed him and told him that CPNE has finalised its final legal draft for the formation of Press Council. Javed Jabbar told the members of CPNE Standing Committee that the government wants to form a new Press Commission in April or May. For this purpose, he expressed the desire to have meeting with the CPNE members every month.

In reply to the grievances of different members, he said that he would review the issue of a Karachi-based Gujrati newspaper Millat on emergency basis and would help find out any solution. He said that the reservations of the newspaper owners on the issue of Wage Board need consideration. He agreed the proposal that the issue of Wage Board Award could be handed over to Press Commission if the newspaper owners wanted so.

Javed Jabbar said that the government is about to form a new law regarding the establishment of news agency and CPNE’s opinion would also be sought in this connection. Javed Jabbar lauded the role of CPNE for freedom of expression.

Federal Minister for Labour and Local Bodies Omar Asghar Khan said that preliminary work has been started in connection with Wage Board. The journalists have sent the names of their representatives. There are names of some retired judges too. Omar Asghar Khan said that regional Press would have to play a key role in the new Local Bodies system.

On this occasion, the CPNE President Arif Nizami apprised him of the stance of his organisation on Wage Board. Federal Secretary Information, Khawaja Ejaz Sarwar said that they would hold a meeting with them next week. “If you want to give further proposals about Press Council, the government is ready for it,” he said. He said that some names have been given to them for Wage Board which have been sent to Ministry of Labour.

Earlier CPNE President, Arif Nizami said that his organisation wants the issuance of declaration of newspapers and magazines in a transparent manner. He said that grievances about the establishment of news agency should be redressed and no black sheep allowed to enter this sacred profession.

Editor daily Pakistan, Lahore Mujibur Rehman Shami said that there is no institution in the country whose salaries are fixed by the government. As such the salaries of newspaper employees should also be fixed according to market economy.

Editor daily Jurrat, Lahore Jamil Athar said it appears that the government is about to take action against the newspapers.

Editor daily Aftab, Lahore Mumtaz A. Tahir said that regional papers have been severely damaged by stopping the advertisements of small newspapers.

Editor Business Recorder Karachi M.A. Zuberi said that there should be no curb on the Press, freedom.

Chief Editor daily Khabrain, Lahore Zia Shahid said that the newspaper industry is in trouble owing to the non-payment of the bills of government advertisements and the economic condition of the country.

UPP head Mehmudul Aziz said that 27 news agencies were working in the country and a CIA official just to publish the news of his officers has established one of them. He proposed that the government should formulate a procedure for the establishment of news agencies.

Editor daily Qaumi Akhbar, Ilyas Shakir said that instead of auctioning the printing press of Millat, The government should pay the salaries of the workers by setting its dues.

Chief Editor Sahafat, Islamabad Khushnud Ali Khan said that he could stop the publication of his newspaper but was unable to follow the Board. He proposed that the government should concentrate on survival of the newspapers rather on Wage Board.

Editor daily Zamana, Quetta Fasih Iqbal said that APC issue is purely federal matter.

Editor daily Aghaz, Karachi Anwar Farooqi requested to Javed Jabbar that the advertisements of Aghaz should be stopped officially as his newspaper does not get the same in routine.

Qazi Muhammad Aslam (Kawish) Qazi Asad Abid (Ibrat), Mushtaq, Ahmed Qureshi (Nawa-i-Nawab Shah), Khalid Mehmud Shah (She Rag Pakistan), Adib Javedani (Moon Digest), Pir Sufeed Shah (Wahdat) S.B.C. (Invest and marketing) and Zahid Malik (Pakistan Observer) also exchanged views on this occasion.

Source: The Nation