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Islami Mahaz threatens to cut cable TV

PESHAWAR- An alliance of Islamic groups gave the government specific time to ban cable television in Peshawar or they would cut the cables.

“We warn the administration to ban forthwith all the cable networks in Peshawar or we will it by force.” Maulana Abdul Malik, head of the newly formed lslami Muttahida lnqilabi Mahaz told a news conference.

“These cable networks spread obscenity in our society,” said Malik, whose alliance groups 23 religious organisations, including Jamaat-i-islami and Jamiat Ulema-i-islam.

The threat came four days after General Pervez Musharraf issued a decree reviving Islamic provision of the country’s suspended constitution and two weeks after the Peshawar High Court overturned an earlier ban on six cable networks in the city.

NWFP Governor Mohammad Shafiq on June 21 announced a province-wide ban on cable television, which is allowed in the rest of the country, but later retracted his order saying it applied only to networks operating without government permission.

“We do not accept the (high) court verdict, it was un-Islamic and unconstitutional,” Malik said, calling for the dismissal of the judges who had reached it.

The protests against cable television follow several incidents of anti-television action in semiautonomous tribal regions near the Afghan border by followers of Afghanistan ruling Taliban movement, which has banned television in the war-ravaged country
Source: Business Recorder