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=> ISLAMABAD (February 05 2008): The Election Commiss

ISLAMABAD (February 05 2008): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will spend about Rs 0.7 billion on its two-pronged media campaign to provide information as well as motivate the voters for the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 18, it was learnt.

Besides the Election Commission, women and information ministries have their own media campaigns for women voters that consists of 52 percent of the total population. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) media campaign will be divided into three phases with first two focusing on electronic media and the last one on print media. An amount of Rs 50 million has been earmarked for the first two media campaigns through television, radio and cinema.

It was also learnt that seven-day campaign will be run on television, 10-day on radio and 14-day on cinema. The radio campaign will be run on 18 private and one state-run, the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), radio channels targeting rural population, particularly the women.

The TV campaign will be run on 28 television channels, while as many as 260 cinemas in the country will be used for the purpose. In each phase, Rs 25 million will be spent.

The print-media campaign will be taken in the last phase with an estimated amount of Rs 15 million to Rs 20 million. The two-pronged media campaign will cover informational as well as motivational sides. On the information side, voters will be educated about how to cast their votes and which colours ballot papers they should use for national and provincial assemblies election.

The women will be motivated about the importance of their votes being 52 percent population of the country. They would be motivated to use their right to vote through media campaigns.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established 170,174 polling booths and 64,176 polling station across the country with 64,176 presiding officers, 337,604 assistant presiding officers, and 170,174 polling officers.

For the federal capital, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established 382 polling stations, 1,023 polling booths having 382 presiding officers, 2,046 assistant presiding officers, and 1,023 polling officers.

As many as 37,636 polling stations and 97,220 polling booths have been established in Punjab with deployment of 37,636 presiding officers, 194,540 assistant presiding Officers and 97,220 polling officers.

In Sindh, 13,406 polling stations having 39,329 polling booths have been set up with 13,406 presiding officers, 78,658 assistant presiding officers, and 39,329 polling officers. In NWFP, 8,173 polling stations and 21,476 polling booths were set up and tasked 8,173 presiding officers, 42,952 assistant presiding officers, and 21,476 polling officers to conduct the polls.

As many as 1,122 polling station and 2,744 polling booths were set up for Federally-Administered Tribal Area (Fata) and appointed 1,122 presiding officers, 2,744 assistant presiding officers and 2,744 polling officers.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has set up 3,457 polling stations and 8,332 pooling booths for Balochistan and assigned responsibilities to 3,457 presiding officers, 16,664 assistant presiding officers and 8,332 polling officers to conduct the polling.
Source: Business Recorder