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The International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Student Volunteer Intern Program provides undergraduate and graduate students of journalism and other fields with an excellent opportunity to perform substantive work and to obtain “real world” experience as a basis for making informed career decisions. Internships at the IBB, which encompasses the Voice of America international broadcasting service, are voluntary but may provide course credit, depending on the policy of the intern’s college or university. Current full- or part-time enrollment in an accredited institution is required for participation in the program. Interns may start at any time during the year.

Journalism: The Voice of America (VOA) offers internships in radio, television, and Internet journalism. VOA went on the air in 1942 and today broadcasts more than 1,000 hours a week of news, information, educational, and cultural programming, in 44 languages, to a worldwide audience of more than 100 million people. VOA reaches this audience through radio broadcasts, television programs, and Internet news sites. Participants put their journalism training to practical use — assisting on live and taped broadcasts and working with seasoned journalists in putting together programs or preparing stories for the Internet. Interns with proficiency in VOA’s broadcast languages may also work in one of VOA’s language services.

Candidates who are interested in internships in journalism (or other areas of work, including the Office of the General Counsel) should contact IBB Internship Coordinator Janice Albritton-Pollock at

Additional internship opportunities are available in the following areas:

Special English: This service broadcasts programs to listeners around the world who are not native English speakers. Interns learn to write news and features with a limited vocabulary. They may also learn radio production and assist with Web site design. Contact

Public Affairs: For an internship in public affairs, please contact Joe O’Connell at

Engineering: The IBB Office of Engineering delivers the programs of VOA and other U.S. government broadcasting operations to audiences around the world using radio, TV, satellites, the Internet, and emerging digital media. Engineering operates transmitting stations in many countries, leases a variety of communications services, and maintains all aspects of a global broadcasting network. Interns can contribute to this effort through some or all of the following disciplines: broadcasting/Internet technology, international business planning, project financial analysis, audience and media research, and geographic information systems (GIS). Assignments will be tailored to the skill/interest level of the intern and could be technical (engineering design or computer programming), analytical (data base research), or business support (international market research).

Interested candidates should contact Terry Balazs at

Shabana Jameel
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Master of Information Technology (MS-IT)
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