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Inspirational themes at Sahiwal theatre festival

SAHIWAL, March 24: Stage performances by students at Jinnah Hall received acclaim from the audience which made the one-day theatre festival a well-attended event on Tuesday.

The Rahs Mela, organised by SahiwalÂ’s district administration, marked the end of the spring festival that was arranged for in collaboration with the Punjab Lok Rahs.

Around 700 people watched the performances which began with the Bahauddin Zakariya University (Sahiwal Campus) Dramatic Society’s 25-minute play titled ‘Rang Bad RangÂ’.

The play is a loud criticism on religious intolerance and advocates interfaith harmony. It is written by Tahir Mehdi and directed by Irfan Hoat.

The Fankar Dramatic Society of Comsat University’s Sahiwal campus performed a 20-minute mime adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The presentation was directed by Qaiser Abbas of the Punjab Lok Rahs.

‘Hond Unhond’ or ‘Being and nothingness’ was performed by the Sawang Dramatic Society of BZU’s Multan College of Arts (Sahiwal chapter). It was a 45-minute highly symbolic performance exposing oppression against women. The play is written by Lakht Pasha and directed by Qaiser Abbas and Ms Sobia Zaidi.

The Punjab Lok Rahs performed ‘Chupan Tun Pahlan’ which is dedicated to the struggle of Bhagat Singh.

The play throws light on the last six days of imprisonment of Bhagat Singh in the Lahore Central Jail. It is a comment on British imperialism and highlights the legacy of Bhagat Singh which prompted youth in the subcontinent to begin fight for Indian independence.

It also exposes his struggle in the central jail for getting equal rights for Indian and British political prisoners.

At the end of the play the actors celebrate the legacy of Bhagat Singh and show commitment in continuing the struggle to change society for all.

The audience appreciated the performances by the students and selection of themes. The heads of the dramatic societies were awarded shields.

The performers and the audience through a resolution demanded that the Jinnah Hall should be renamed ‘Jinnah Cultural Complex’.
Source: Dawn