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Impressive collection of books launched at KPC

Karachi: An accomplished writer, well-known for his character sketches (Khaka Nigari), Mumtaz Rafique’s ‘Taseer Khana’ and ‘Karl Marx Ki Nazmein’ were launched at the Karachi Press Club (KPC).

The books were highly appreciated by senior writers, critics and journalists, who maintained that Rafique’s work was unique and unparallel in Urdu literature.

Shaheen Niazi, an intellectual and pattern-in-chief of Urdu quarterly ‘IjraÂ’a’, presided over the event. While appreciating Rafique, Niazi noted that ‘Khakhe’ and the Urdu translation of Karl Marx’s early poetry was a work of significance. Commenting on the translations, Niazi observed that Rafique has set a good trend in Urdu literature and translating a great economist and revolutionary ideologue and its study would be amazing.

Throwing light on Rafique’s pen-sketching writings, Niazi held that the author was in a way in search of an understanding about his ‘beingness’ an in a way ‘justification of existence in this class set up where each and every value has been polluted owing one or another reasons.’

Prof. Ali Haider Malick who coordinated the discussion, in his speech observed that regardless of the fact that who was made a subject of ‘Khakha’, the zeal and commitment of Rafique with a creative approach was witnessed in his ‘Khakhe’.

Another speaker, Asrar Hussain examined Rafique’s Urdu pieces at length and concluded that he had evolved a good creative understanding in writing ‘Khakhe’. Hussain pointed out that Rafique had a lot of content and matter inside him in terms of producing ‘Khakhe’.

He said that he did not get personal in ‘Khakhe’ and one must see the creativity and in-depth study done by Rafique. Hasan Jaffery and Nasir Shamsi analyzed the creativity of Mumtaz and depiction of reality in his works. Nasir Shamsi highly praised Mumtaz for his artful depiction of life, whereas Hasan Jaffery held that he had never seen such a true creative man in Urdu literature especially in the filed of ‘Khakha-nigari’. Shahida Tabassurm, Humaira Athar and Saira Gulam Nabi in their papers pinpointed the ‘realismÂ’ and deviation of social realism and traditional ethical fabrics of the society.

At another function, the book launching of eight books by famous Urdu writer, Zebunnisa Zeby was held.

The meeting was presided over by distinguished writer and critic, Rauf Niazi who appreciated Zeby for his good diction and creation of a new Urdu form ‘Triveeni’. Zeby has been claiming to be the founder of a fresh poetry form.

Senior writers such as Tishna Brailvi and Zaki Usmani, Agha Noor Muhammad Pathan and emcee Moosa Kaleem commented on the works of Zeby and appreciated her. Senior poets, Zaki Usmani and Tishna Brailvi paid glowing tributes to Zeby.

Tishna Brailvi also appreciated the efforts of Karachi Press Club to promote writers’ good works. Saira Ghulam Nabi spoke on the fiction of Zeby and expressed hope that should employee all her creative skills in producing more good stories and novels. Zaki Usmani, Rauf Niazi and many other writers expressed hope that Zeby would produce more powerful poetry and Urdu short stories. Both events were organised by KPC’s Literary Committee.
Source: The News