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‘Immobile communication’


THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Immobile communication’ (Aug 23). You have rightly pointed out that in case of medical emergency there was no way of seeking medical help over mobile phone. The same will happen in the case of accidents.

Indeed, this is not the first time people have been denied their basic rights. The amount of anguish, pain and frustration is immeasurable as mobile communication is the major source of interaction among people nowadays. Millions of people spent hours and hours waiting for the calls of their near and dear ones.

Ironically, closing the mobile phone network has been claimed as a new feather in the government’s cap. People could not find alternatives as they were not informed about the closure of the mobile networks.

Today the world is making progress in the field of technology. Life has become easier because of various gadgets. Unfortunately, in our country a handful of miscreants misuse technology. Instead of keeping a hawk’s eye on these elements, we opt to give mental and physical agony to all law – abiding citizens. It is like abandoning the whole pond to catch a few rotten fish.

Such strategies spoil the festive mood of an occasion like Eid when people communicate with their loved ones living in different parts of the world through cellphones.

Right step


THE government was facing security threats on this Eidul Fitr. Interior Minister Rehman Malik ordered all cellular network providers to close their networks a day before Eid.

It was a good decision by the government. If closing the mobile services can save the life of even one person, it is not a bad deal.

As we know that carjacking is very common in Karachi, most of the people install tracker devices in new cars. But if a car is snatched and mobile service is not available, how can people inform car tracking companies about the incident immediately?

I request the government to add the contact number of car tracking companies to the emergency call list in mobile phones so that people can timely inform about car snatching to the tracking companies by dialling the emergency number.