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Immaturity in the media

Sir: The Pakistan media has the ability to project the national image at an international level and develop national consensus on sensitive issues ranging from national identity to state security. The post-9/11 era revolutionised the print and electronic media in Pakistan. State-dominated media was replaced by a large number of private channels, which owe much of their freedom to the former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf. So far the media in Pakistan has failed to effectively use this freedom. Pakistan’s image as a failed state in the international arena is largely a product of media portrayal. It has further contributed to the confusion surrounding issues such as state ideology and religious extremism. The maturity of the Pakistani media was revealed during its extensive coverage of non-serious issues such as Shoaib Malik’s wedding with Sania Mirza, Meera’s marriage scandal, Veena Malik’s controversial scenes during an Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ and her publicity stunt by posing nude for an Indian magazine. Recently, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s slapping incident at a party was sufficient to drive our media crazy. At times, the Pakistani media has tried to construct popular perception by sketching a subjective picture of political and social issues.

This negative impact of the media on our youth needs to be questioned. A smooth transition to modernisation is only possible if our media acts responsibly. The media should promote political activism rather than intensifying the rifts dividing our society.

I expect this role of the media must be brought forward by your daily esteemed newspaper and you will create more awareness in the persons responsible for running the media.


Source: Daily Times