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‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ showcased at Nairang

LAHORE: A group exhibition of miniature paintings titled ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ opened at Nairang Art Gallery Wednesday.The exhibition was formally inaugurated by NCA Miniature Department Head Bashir Ahmed.

Artwork by Urooj Chugtai, Mizna Syed, Kiran Saeed, Mufakir Subhani, Aakif Suri and Kausar Iqbal was exhibited on the occasion.Miniature paintings emerged in the Muslim and Hindu courts in Asia during the 14th century.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the art of miniature painting and is becoming one of the leading forms of art. Works by six artists showed that they were well ingrained in producing miniatures within their individual expressions.

The paintings demonstrated the skills of artists, who transformed a traditional style of painting by using different mediums and techniques. One of the artists, Mufakir, told The Post that his concept was a blend of fantasy and tattoos in a concentric manner.

“I convey his subject through specific use of colours and images,” he said, adding that the specific miniature images had multi-colours, depicting a blend of contemporary and traditional art.

Kausar said that his works reflected a strong eye for detail, adding that the minute elements were intricately detailed. He said that he displayed the Pakhtoon culture and women’s education through his painting.

He said that he stylised his work with mixing traditional miniature art with contemporary art. He said that miniature artwork could not be experimented because it had a limited space, but the artist could use new colour schemes, figures and sketches to revive it in contemporary art.

Urooj’s concepts were inspired by motives and patterns used by the Mughals and Persian artists while Kiran and Mizna displayed a fusion of contemporary ideas with an influence of traditionalism. “Colours play a strong role in our captivating design philosophy,” they said.

Aakif Suri has a flair for experimentation. The technique of cutting, pasting and stitching symbolises his concept.Several senior artists, students and a number of art lovers were present on the occasion. They admired the choice of the theme, images, colours, mediums and techniques of the painters.The exhibition will continue till September 25.
Source: Daily Times