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Human rights being violated due to Centre’s corruption, says Shahbaz

LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that protection of basic human rights of the citizens is the prime responsibility of the state and the societies which trample on human rights lose their existence.

He said respect for humanity was vital in civilized societies and it was also key to their progress and development, adding that setting up a peaceful society was impossible without protection of human rights.

In his message on the World Human Rights Day, Shahbaz said Islam laid stress on human rights and Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had also given the message of protection of human rights to the entire humanity. He said Islam gave the lesson of upholding lofty values of social justice and peace and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), in his last sermon, had made it clear that no human being was superior to any other.

The CM said that in the present state of chaos and indiscipline in the society, the importance of protection of human rights had increased manifold. He said lawlessness and anarchy were the outcome of usurpation of basic rights while there was peace and tranquility in the societies where justice and basic rights of the citizens were ensured. He said human rights were being badly violated due to the worst corruption and bad governance of the federal government and corruption of Rs 7 billion daily was a matter of serious concern.

In the existing circumstances, the chief minister said, it was the collective responsibility of every citizen to discharge his social and religious obligation of protection of all segments of the society, especially minorities. He said on the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, there was need to pledge that such values would be promoted which were essential for safeguarding human rights.

Shahbaz Sharif said that it was a matter of satisfaction that the Punjab government, through transparency and good governance, had taken practical measures for the protection of human rights. He said necessary steps had been taken for the welfare of the citizens as well as minorities and protection of their fundamental rights. He said culture of loot and corruption in the development projects had been totally eliminated, adding that setting up of a society based on justice was the goal of the present government and all out efforts would be made for the purpose.

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