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Hayatullah’s family rejects inquiry report

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MIR ALI: The family of murdered tribal journalist Hayatullah Khan has rejected an inquiry report prepared by the NWFP governor’s inspection team, saying that the report lacked their point of view. “What type of inquiry is it when Hayatullah family’s viewpoint was not sought?” Ehsanullah Khan, said the journalists younger brother. “We reject it,” he said. Ali Muhammad Jan Orakzai, the NWFP governor, had constituted two departmental inquiries to probe the murder of tribal journalist who was found dead on June 16 near Mir Ali town after his kidnapping on December 16 last year. Ehsanullah said, “I asked the governor why we have been kept away from the inquiry?” The governor said that neither the inquiry had anything to do with his family nor it was deemed necessary to contact the journalist’s family, Ehsanullah said.

“It surprised me when I heard the governor during the Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ) meeting last week,” he said. The governor told the meeting that the inquiry report did not ‘conclude’ what the people though that Hayatullah was killed by the country’s secret service. Ehsanullah demanded the government make the judicial commission’s inquiry report public that was submitted on August 18. “Let us see what conclusion the Peshawar High Court (PHC) judge had would reached after recording statements of other people,” he said. Justice Muhammad Raza Khan, head of the judicial commission, said that he did his job by submitting the inquiry report leaving it to the government to decide on making the report public or not.
Source: Daily Times