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Hasba Act a threat to women rights

LAHORE – Minorities Rights Commission of Pakistan Director Younas Alam has declared Hasba Act, a threat to civil, political, and religious rights of women and minorities.

He was speaking at a Press conference in Lahore on July 22. He said the Frontier government has presented the said Act before the Governor twice, ignoring the democratic values. Expressing his reservations over the issue, he said though the Act was yet to be converted into a law, it has been unofficially enforced in the two districts of the Province.

Director said in the history of Pakistan, religion has been used for political motives that has always created civil, social, and political problems.

He said the Act was contrary to the Constitution, Shariat, and even was self-conflicting. It sets a parallel court system, calls for the Ombudsman to take oath of allegiance to the Chief Minister instead of God or the Constitution. Ombudsman under the Act, has been invested extraordinary powers.
Source: The Nation