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Govt prohibits officials to interact with media

By Tanveer Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: Perplexed over the leakage of information to media by government functionaries, federal government has barred officials to refrain from interacting with the media and warned them of punitive action in case of violation of these directives.

Acknowledging that interaction of government servants with the media and their contribution through articles landed the government in embarrassing position, the circular of Establishment Division (ED) placed a bar on all such communication with the media.
Government warned its employees that defaulting government servants would be proceeded against under the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules 1973.

According to the circular, instance have come to the notice of government where its servants have interacted with media and contributed articles in the newspapers making statement of their opinion which is highly objectionable and places it in the embarrassing position. All such statements of opinion and articles by a government servant without prior sanction of the government are prohibited under the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules 1964.

The government justified its move to put a bar on this interaction by referring to Rules 21 & 22 of Government Servants (Rules) 1964, which prohibits interaction of government servants with the media both print and electronic through participation in a radio or television programme or contribute any newspaper or periodical expressing views on government policy and political issues. “Any violation of these rules may warrant punitive action under government servants (E&D) rules 1973,” the circular warned.
Source: Daily Times