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Good governance needed

ALL opposition parties and column writers in various newspapers are harping on one point that there is no rule of law in the country or there is no governance at all. I fail to understand why rulers are not listening to these cries and address the obvious issues facing the country.

Rulers are just buying time in the name of ‘policy of reconciliation’ while people’s genuine woes like high prices, law and order problem, loadsheddings, unemployment and injustice remain unresolved.

The major opposition party is also not playing its due role in giving any succour to the people. The 10 — point agenda given by the PML (N) is nothing new to the rulers that they do not know about it.

Everyone knows that for good governance there are three basic things: the first is merit, i.e. all appointments should be made on pure merit and in a transparent manner. This is not happening.

The second is justice, i.e. everyone should get quick and cheap justice at every level. Our investigation system is so defective that major culprits get away because of their strong political links and a poor patwari or a constable is caught accepting a few thousand rupees as bribe. The big fish making billions of rupees go scot — free.

The third thing is accountability which should be above board for everyone.

If the government wants to show good governance, it must observe these three basic things, i.e merit, justice and accountability.

Source: Dawn