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Global warming: need for code of conduct


OWING to rising global warming things are going from bad to worse in several countries but the UN and other developed countries have failed to prepare a code of conduct for developed countries which are responsible for global warming.

The rising temperature of the earth has forced several countries to face worse weather conditions. Owing to global warming and uncertain weather conditions, the poor population is worse affected. High rates of suicides and the rising graph of social crimes are now giving alarm balls in several countries.

China and Russia are seeing worse floods as thousands of people are forced to migrate to other parts of the country. The US is facing its worst drought in 25 years and experts warn that US grain prices could rise in several countries.

Now owing to financial difficulties and rising prices for basic commodities tragic stories are coming from poor communities. Owing to the worst drought and lack of jobs the poor are not able to provide daily necessities to their families.

Children are forced to work long hours for a small amount of money. In India a record number of farmers committed suicide due to financial difficulties this year and many in urgent need of money were forced to sell their organs.

According to media news, due to extreme poverty a mother sold her four-month-old baby to a Nepali couple for Rs 64.