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Geo TV Network announces Geo Asool

KARACHI: The Geo Television Network has proudly announced GEO Asool – ( – a social contract with the viewers who are the ultimate employers.

It is widely believed that freedom is not a licence. The social contract between media and its consumers, however, has been unwritten … until now. The Geo network believes that in order to safeguard freedom, some of its part will have to be exchanged for responsibility.

Some pressure is not a restraint but a guide. It is also believed by the network that Asool is not a cost but an investment, which in the long run pays through one’s brand. It is requested to the viewers to give their feedback on and by 1st of August 2012,

2012. The valued viewers are also requested to forward this email to those whom they know have complaints about media in general and GEO in particular. This draft code will be improved with the feedback from all the stakeholders and be formally adopted by the Network on August 14, 2012 which also marks the 10th anniversary of Geo.

The viewers’ role will be critical and crucial because once the network promises with the public, it will become binding. The public pressure, through monitoring and feedback, will help develop adherence and resolve to these guiding principles.

GEO Asool documents have been compiled after a committee of reporters, hosts and members of the group’s editorial and management team vetted seven different codes of conduct from reputable media and regulatory bodies across the world.

Geo Asool comprises 4 sections:

A) GEO Manifesto – values, goals and declared biases:
This is the macro vision, the grand architecture plan that explains all the values and goals as well as likes and dislikes as an institution. This contains macro position statements on critical and sensitive issues and also contains macro policy guidelines from which the Geo created the Internal Code of Conduct, Guidelines and Best Practices.

B) Best Practices- Guidelines on how Geo Manifesto translates day-to-day:

These are tactical form of the strategic document, which is used to derive the operational guidelines and best practices that will help the producers, reporters and anchors execute and maintain the overall editorial policy and uphold the Asools.

C) TeamGEO Ethical Journalism Handbook:

This is an internal ethics guidance document for journalists/TeamGeo members derived from best local and international practices.

D) Monitoring and Implementing Procedure: How will the network monitor and implement the above:

This document indicates how the macro/strategic policy vision as well as the tactical guidelines and best practices will be ensured in execution. The process flow and standard operating procedure are laid down through which different stages and steps will ensure monitoring and compliance to the editorial policy of the institution.

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