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French journalists involved in making bogus films about Taliban

ISLAMABAD (December 24 2003): Two french journalists who have been taken into custody by local law enforcing agencies in Balochistan were involved in making bogus films about the activities of Taleban in Pakistan.

According to a PTV report, a local journalist, Khawar M. Rizvi and religious cleric Abdullah Shakir assisted the french journalists.

Although Pakistan’s role in global anti-terrorism campaign is being internationally appreciated, yet there are some elements who are busy in maligning Pakistan through bogus means to fulfil their nefarious designs, the report said.

The whole film was shot in Killa Abdullah village in Balochistan, about 70 km from Quetta.The people who acted in the film are local residents.

The basic aim of the two french journalists was to damage the Pakistan image internationally, the report said.
The activities of the two journalists were to defame the respectable profession of journalism, the report added.

It was under such intention that the two french journalists entered the border area of Balochistan with the help Khawar and hired some local men to play the role of Taleban.

The journalists fabricated a video film showing guerrilla activities of Taleban, various stages of their training, handling and using of big weapons etc.

The objective of staging this drama was to show the world that Taleban are still present in border areas of Pakistan from where they launch anti Afghan government attacks, PTV report said.

The actors in the film were also interviewed by the french journalist, giving fabricated accounts of Taleban activities in Afghanistan.

Reportedly the french journalists were on route to Karachi after completing their task when they were nabbed by local law enforcing agencies with the help of intelligence agencies.

Initial investigations led to recovery of bogus films and photographs from their possession.The local residents who played Taleban were also, arrested.

The local journalist who assisted the french journalists said, I worked for the french journalists who had promised me to pay 2,000 dollar.”

One of the actor said the film made by the french journalists is totally bogus which was shot in the area of Pakistan.He further said, he acted in the film for financial gains.

The other persons who were in the film said all the characters in the film were fake, bearing no link with reality.

One local elder Sardar Jeelani Khan said some people came here and shot the film with locally hired people.

Jeelani said when the matter came in his notice, he immediately informed the distract management about the nefarious designs of the culprits.

Another notable person of the area Haji Muhammad said the film was made by the anti-Pakistan elements only to defame Pakistan’s repute at international level. He said the matter was also brought to the notice of their local leader.

Source: Business Recorder