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FO wishes Godspeed to ‘Aman Ki Asha’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, while welcoming the setting up of “Aman Ki Asha”, the Indo-Pak media’s effort to improve bilateral relations between Pakistan and India, says that it would support any effort that brings peace in the region.

“We strongly believe in having a lasting peace with India. We want our bilateral relations to be normalised so that South Asia could live in peace and prosperity,” said the Foreign Office spokesman.

The first of its kind, ‘Aman Ki Asha’ has been set up by two of the media giants, the Jang Group in Pakistan together with The Times of India, in a quest to bring peace, with the backing of the civil and military establishments in both countries.

“We will, therefore, support any effort that is aimed at helping a peaceful resolution of bilateral disputes and bringing about harmony and peace in the region,” said the spokesman to a query from The News.

Earlier, in an end of the year review of Pakistan’s bilateral relations with different countries, the spokesman, while focusing on India, had said that India continues refusing to move forward, even though the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit was a significant development.

“The ball is now in India’s court. Pakistan on its part will continue making sincere efforts towards resolving all bilateral issues, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute with a view to attaining a viable and lasting peace in South Asia,” he commented. All eyes are now on ‘Aman ki asha’. Will this finally be the answer to over 60 years of distrust, in an area where everything else has failed?

Source: The News