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Faiz’s speeches on culture published

KARACHI: The Idara-i-Yadgar-i-Ghalib has published a new edition of Hamari Qaumi Saqafat, a compilation of distinguished poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s speeches on the issue of culture which he delivered from time to time at different forums.

The book also contains comments of noted scholars and writers on Faiz’s thoughts on the subject. The book throws light on his clear-headed ideas on ostensibly convoluted subjects such as what constitutes Pakistani culture, its main components and the problems faced by it.

Hamari Qaumi Saqafat, compiled by Mirza Zafarul Hasan, who was the first president of the Idara, was first published in 1976.
Unfortunately it was forgotten after the compiler’s demise.

Apart from the original material, the book has a very interesting dialogue that took place between Faiz and Prof Waqar Azeem on the issue of culture.

Source: Dawn