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Death of a dancing girl

EVER since I read a report in a section of the press about a dancing girl named Shabana, belonging to Swat, I have not been able to sleep well. When I imagine the feelings of the poor soul as she was about to be murdered, and what made her to accept being shot rather than having her throat slit, I get a shudder. Are we still living in the stone age?

Although it is the duty of every citizen of this country to rise against this brutality, I specifically urge the president, the prime minister and the Army chief of staff and those who matter to leave petty subjects behind and only concentrate on destroying these forces who are bent upon destroying our country.

You can go to Davos again and you can settle your political scores later, but save the other Shabanas now. I ask all these leaders to imagine their daughter in place of Shabana and then act accordingly.
Source: Dawn