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Culture department raises Mohenjodaro and promoting Cultural Tourism (MPRCT)

Karachi: Rs100 million has been sanctioned for a Master Plan for Rehabilitation of Mohenjodaro and promoting Cultural Tourism (MPRCT) besides regularising the services of 24 employees of the National Fund for Mohenjodaro, according to a press release issued by the Information and Archives Department of the Sindh government on Monday.

The archaeological site of Mohenjodaro was devolved to Sindh in April 2011. Previously it had, all along, been with the federal government. “Since all its affairs were being run by an Executive Board/Technical Consultative Committee, the Sindh government immediately notified setting up of the Executive Board under the chairmanship of minister of culture, Sindh and Technical Consultative Committee headed by Prof Dr Nilofer Shaikh, Vice-Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur on July 18, 2011 and August 5, 2011 respectively which besides other important decisions, approved the scheme for monsoon, 2011 preparedness on July 30, 2011. The scheme was executed accordingly,” the press release said.

The Executive Board also considered it imperative that with a view to accelerate the pace of activity, concerted efforts for conservation, rehabilitation, maintenance etc, on sound footings by applying technically viable methods, were required and a conference of all stakeholders on Mohenjodaro, thus, be convened.

The conference was held on October 15, 2011 and attended by the intellectuals, professionals, conservationists, archaeological experts, academics, students, elected representatives from all over the country and paved the way for stabilising the site, meeting challenges from weather, river action, sub-soil water, etc. preferably by resorting to local methods of mud slurry and mud capping, as a regular maintenance strategy.

The Culture Department has so far held two meetings of the Executive Board of the National Fund for Mohenjodaro in July 2011 and February 2012. The decisions in the recent meetings of the Executive Board at Mohenjodaro also revolve round the above issues.
The plan includes repairs to the Rest House at Mohenjodaro, topographic survey of the site, repair of vehicle of Sir John Marshall, reprinting of the old/out of print books on Sir John Marshall, setting-up of a committee under the commissioner, Larkana for tree plantation at the site, reopening of the theft cases of seals, preparedness for the ensuing monsoon season, strengthening of the Technical Consultative Committee, exploring the possibilities of fund-raising, encouraging students’ visits to the archaeological site of Mohenjodaro, construction of public toilets, creation of security setup of the site, and preparation of the Master Plan of the archaeological site, which shall cover all segments to the conservation, rehabilitation, maintenance, promotion of tourism, facilities for the tourists/visitors, site management strategy, etc.