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Cases against tribal journalist withdrawn

PESHAWAR- Political Authorities of North Waziristan Agency have withdrawn all cases against Hayatullah, journalist from tribal areas permitted him to open his sealed news agency in Mirali and Speenwam towns and he has rejoined his family after a period of one month.

The reconciliation between Political Administration of North Waziristan Agency and Hayatullah was brought about through successful mediation by a five member traditional tribal jirga from village Hurmoz, North Waziristan. In this respect, concluding meeting was held in the office of Iqbal Khattak, Assistant Political Agent Mirali, North Waziristan Agency. A delegation of journalists headed by Sher Khan Afridi was also present.

When Iqbal Khattak was posted as Assistant Political Agent of North Waziristan Agency, he decided to resolve the matter with the help of a traditional tribal jirga. The jirga members visited Peshawar where it exchanged views in depth with Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ) President Sher Khan Afridi. Both the sides agreed to dispose of the matter and reconciliation meeting took place at Mirali, North Waziristan Agency.

During the reconciliation meeting, TUJ President Sher Khan Afridi made it clear that journalists have no personal grudges with the administration but they are determined to help the authorities in resolving long standing problems of the tribesman.

Source: The Nation