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Business Recorder premises stormed

KARACHI – The premises of Business Recorder were subjected to heavy stoning on May 30 in the aftermath of the violent reaction that followed Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai’s murder.

It was the vigilance of the staff members of Business Recorder and the law enforcing agencies present on duty that averted the mob to engage in arson at the

The security measures taken at the newspaper’s offices following the arson attack it suffered four years ago helped in avoiding the attempts of the attackers to set fire the premises but heavy stoning took place before the police and the Rangers dispersed the mob. The protesters set four cars and one motorcycle before dispersing.

The Muslim Commercial Bank branch, situated at the ground floor of the Recorder House, was also burnt.

One of the rioters was heard saying that they have ‘orders’ to burn bank branches but no newspaper premises. The person uttering these words disappeared in the crowd while heavy stoning at the Business Recorder premises continued.

The Sindh CPNE Committee Convenor Mahmudul Aziz strongly condemned the arson attempt and damaging of the Business Recorder premises and called for strong action against those responsible for such attacks on newspaper offices.

He rang up Business Recorder’s Chief Editor M A Zuberi and assured him that the matter shall be placed before the Standing Committee of the CPNE, which is to meet in Karachi on June 1, 2004 for strong condemnation of the acts of violence against the newspaper offices.

He also recalled the matter of compensation to the Business Recorder and its employees for the arson attack it suffered in the year 2000 on which besides then Governor of Sindh M.A. Daudpota even President Pervez Musharraf had given assurances. But, to date no compensation has been paid by the Sindh Government, while the provincial government has in these four years distributed millions of rupees as aid and compensation in other cases of riot and arson to those who were affected.
Source: Business Recorder