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Balochistan and the media

Sir: I appreciate your impressive and striking editorial, ‘Balochistan: a self-fulfilling prophecy’ (Daily Times, February 2, 2012). It is well-written and well-articulated. I forwarded it to several Baloch young people who complain about being isolated from the national media. Such editorials would help make the Baloch feel wanted, cared for and loved.

The only way now to win the confidence of the Baloch is by love and care, not by killing them. Whatever the intelligence agencies are doing in Balochistan is unfortunate but please keep on your good work by highlighting the miseries of the Baloch. It would give an opportunity to those silent and ignored mediators to reach the angry Baloch youth with these clips of news items and editorials to show them that there is a voice among Pakistanis who think in the same manner and are feeling the loss of a sister and daughter. Thank you very much.
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Source: Daily Times