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Assault victim may settle in Canada

WASHINGTON, March,20 2005: Sui assault victim Dr Shazia Khalid is expected to settle in Canada, a US-based women’s advocacy group said on Saturday.

Dr Shazia arrived in Britain on Friday with her husband to begin a new life. In her first statement since leaving Pakistan, she said she did not want others to politicize her ordeal. She didn’t want to repeat the details of her tragedy, she said.

Office-bearers of the Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women in Pakistan told a news briefing here that they wanted to help Dr Shazia in starting a new life in the West.

“We can help her in completing her professional studies in the West so that she can work here as a physician,” said ANAA’s Dr Amna Buttar.

Dr Buttar said she had spoken to Dr Shazia while she was in Pakistan and found her “in a state of shock, she was completely devastated and unable to speak.”

Dr Buttar said her group was not focusing on Dr Shazia’s case just because she was “a fellow physician”. “We want to provide whatever assistance we can to all rape victims in Pakistan and are already working with various organizations in the country.”

She said her organization was also arranging for the Meerwala rape victim Mukhtar Mai to visit North America, where she had many admirers.
Source: Dawn