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Asma pays tribute to Barna

LAHORE: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir has expressed grief over the sad death of senior journalist Minhaj Barna, founder President of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists.

Minhaj Barna had died in Rawalpindi on Friday.

The SCBA President said life of Minhaj was a true symbol of unending struggle, as he believed in journalism of principles, working without compromising the voice of conscience and professional integrity.

Asma said Minhaj Barna was a true journalist who never disgraced his pen, contents or his profession by extending any undue opposition or favour or support to someone. She said he always fulfilled his professional duty honestly as a journalist and thus set a good example for everyone in the field of journalism.

She said Barna worked bravely in the dark era of dictatorship and refused to bow down before the dictator’s pressure.

“Barna was put in the jail but he never compromised with the forces of dictatorship and kept fighting for supremacy of constitution, rule of law and democracy through his pen”. Asma said Barna who wanted to see democracy flourishing in the country disliked elected leaders who became dictators in their style and behaviour.
Source: The News