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Arms licence cancellation criticized

INTERIOR Minister Rehman Malik has ordered cancellation of arms licences and time has been given to the licence-holders to get machine-readable licences from National Databas Registration Authority (Nadra).

It is strange that the man who is responsible for the security of citizens, instead of catching criminals having unlicensed weapons, is trying to show his efficiency by creating chaos and harassment among law-abiding citizens who have taken pains to obtain arms licence for their protection.

It is an undeniable fact that the government has failed to provide security to residents of Karachi and people living in other parts of the country.

The government is opening Pandora’s box and promoting corruption by cancelling valid licences by demanding to apply for fresh ones.

I would request the minister if he cannot do any good for the peace and security of citizens, at least he should not take away whatever little security they feel by keeping a licensed weapon for their security.

How about those who are carrying weapons with no licences?


Ambiguous situation

THE news that all arms licences issued by the ministry of interior stand cancelled with effect from Sept 1 is like a bombshell for all respectable and responsible citizens who duly perform their civic duties, pay their dues in post offices where their arms are registered and also with the arms branch of government offices.

The situation is ambiguous, and it is not clear as to who falls under this order.

Is it only for prohibited bore licences issued to some people or also for non-prohibited bores?

The mere idea of going to the Nadra office sends a chill up your spine.

The rush, the madness of people trying to circumvent the line, no proper parking, and, above all, facing the vagaries of weather, all will be a cumbersome process.

How long will ordinary citizens suffer for the ills of a few!

Source: Dawn