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Arif Nizami re-elected Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) President

LAHORE- The newly-elected Standing Committee of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), unanimously elected its office-bearers.

As per the election result, Editor, The Nation, Arif Nizami was re-elected President, while Anwar Farooqi was elected Senior Vice-President, Mumtaz Tahir, Vice-President, Ilyas Shakir Secretary General, Khushnood Ali Khan, Joint Secretary and Pir Sufaid Shah was elected Treasurer.

Chaired by Arif Nizami, a meeting of the Committee was held here at a local hotel. Prior to the election of the CPNE, office-bearer 29 member of the Standing Committee were elected. The dailies elected on their allocated seats in the Committee are: Jang (Karachi), Quami Akhbar (Karachi), Diayanat (Karachi), Jiddat (Karachi), Aghaz (Karachi), Millat (Karachi), Musawat (Lahore), Business Recorder (Lahore). Pakistan (Islamabad-Rawalpindi), Sahafat (Islamabad-Rawalpindi), Mushriq (Balochistan), Zamana (Balochistan), Jiddat (NWFP), Wahdat (NWFP), Kawish (Sindh), Ibrit (Sindh), Business Report (Punjab), Aftab (Punjab) and Saadat (Punjab). Of the 29 seats reserved for the journals were secured by Khurmat, Ruhani Digest, She Rag-I-Pakistan, Moon Digest, Urdu Digest, and Pictorial News.

The election committee comprised Mahmood- ul- Aziz and Madad Ali Sindhi who also announced the results.

Earlier, the extraordinary meeting of the CPNE unanimously adopted the interim constitution of the Council. President of the Council, Arif Nizami congratulated the members for accepting the Constitution.

During the Proceedings, Secretary General Ilyas Shakir presented annual report of the Council, which also carried proposals for making membership process of the Council easy. Ilyas Shakir in this speech commended the efforts of former President of the Council Fasih lqbal and the former Secretary General Mujibur Rahman Shami towards framing of the Constitution.

The meeting also expressed grief over the demise of eminent journalists Aziz Siddiqui and Mir Abdul Aziz and also over the death of the mother of Jamil Athar. The members offered fateha for the departed souls.

Mujibur Rahman Shami presented a suggestion on the occasion to invite senior journalist M.A. Zubairi to the CPNE meeting in order to document his memoirs. He also proposed to record memoirs and experiences of Editor Nawa-i-Waqt and Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami and that of Fasih lqbal. The meeting also lauded the services of Ahmad Ali, former Editor Dawn, for his services to the journalism.

The participants at the meeting expressed concern over the dailies, which are very nearly named after the dailies, which are in circulation over the years and decades. A demand was raised to end this tendency.

The meeting was attended by the editors of as many as 113 dailies and journals. They include Jang, Nawa-i-waqt, The News, The Nation, Khabrain, Pakistan, Quami Akhbar, Kawash, Ibrat, Awami Awaz, Diyanat, Business Recorder, Sindh Sajjag (Karachi), Zamana (Quetta), Millat (Karachi), UPP, Aghaz (Karachi). Daily Khulq, Sada-i-Shahai (Sialkot), Watan, (Gujrat, Karachi), Ruhani Digest, Jahan Numa (Lahore), Moon Digest, Daily Business Report (Faisalabad), Aftab (Lahore), monthly Pulk (Lahore), Wafaq (Lahore), Mushriq (Quetta), Tajarat (Lahore), Jurrat (Lahore), Women Times, Evening Special, Awam (Karachi), Akhbar-i-Jahan (Karachi), Pakisan Times, Saddat (Lahore), Tajarti Rahabar, Wahdat (Peshawar), Quami sports (Karachi), Sahafat (Islamabad, Lahore), Riyasat (Karachi), Urdu Digest (Lahore), Asian Medical, Duniyae Tib, She Rug-i-Pakistan, Azm (Lahore), Wafa, (Bahawalpure), Pakistan Observer, (Islamabad), Jihad (Peshawar), Medical Forum (Lahore), Awam (Quetta), Hina (Lahore), Masawat (Lahore), Ilhaq (Peshawar), Haqiqat (Pesahwar), Jasarat (Karachi), Khair Mukhdam (Sargodha), Dawat Amal (Sargodha), Al-falah (Peshawar), Paigham (Faisalabad), Daily Sarhad, Jurat (Karachi), Koshish (Hyderabad), Sham (Hyderabad), and Jiddat (Karachi).

Editor daily Mushriq Syed Mumtaz Ahmad presented a resolution to the meeting stating that his daily in its issue on May 8 last had carried a report on drought produced by the BBC. The resolution said that the Director Public Relation (DPR) had addressed a defamatory letter to daily on this report besides releasing a hand out against the daily. The resolution said that despite the fact veracity of the report was established hand out has not been withdrawn when action of restricting commercials has also been pursued against Mushraq (Quetta and Hub). The resolution termed this attitude an attack on the freedom of the Press and demanded that measures should be adopted to prevent this conduct.

Another resolution condemned the attack allegedly made on the instance of a former MNA and his son on Sajid Iqbal. Editor Nawa-a-Sharar in which he was seriously injured. It was demanded of the government to take action on this count and prevent violence on journalists in future.

A resolution condemned the attack and the incident of torturing the office of daily Business Recorder in Karachi. An emphasis was laid on different organisations and parties to adopt a responsible attitude towards the Press. The resolution also demanded of the Government to make for the loss caused to Business Recorder from this incident.

Mahmoodul Aziz of United Press of Pakistan (UPP) also tabled a resolution to seek an equal treatment of the government to all the three news agencies namely, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Pakistan Press International (PPI), UPP.

Source: The Nation