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Ansar Burney seeks probe into attack on church

MARDAN: Calling for a judicial inquiry into the burning of a church in Mardan during the protest against the blasphemous movie, Ansar Burney Trust International Chairman Ansar Burney on Wednesday said destroying the place of worship of Christians was a conspiracy to defame Pakistan in the world.

“Burning the church was a shameful act committed to tarnish the country’s reputation,” he told a press conference at the premises of the church.

Ansar Burney also questioned the role of the policemen who failed to save the church. He said the Muslims loved Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than their lives, parents and children. “It is obligatory for every Muslim to condemn the sacrilegious move, but damaging properties was unwarranted,” he argued.

About the offer of bounty on the head of the filmmaker of the anti-Islam movie, he said Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour should give the money to the church for its repair and reconstruction. “He (Ghulam Bilour) may also use the money to improve the condition of the Pakistan Railways,” he said. “It is astonishing that the leaders encouraged the people to stage protests and later expressed sorrow at the destruction caused during the protests,” he said.

He said the mistake committed by an individual who made the blasphemous movie had endangered the peace of the entire world and asked the United Nations to criminalise such acts.

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