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An act of anger or honour killing?

HYDERABAD: A man brutally killed his young unmarried daughter late night Wednesday adjacent the village of New Saeedabad, Matyari, some seventy two kilometres from Hyderabad. The murderer has been arrested.

Muhammad Unnar Khan claimed that he had asked his daughter Azeema for dinner and got angry since she took long. He was tired and hit his daughter who died on the spot. However, locals claim that this murder was an act of honour killing. Unnar had seen a per­son near his house at night after which he stabbed his daughter to death.

Daily Times discovered that some influential political factors were also involved in this murder, where the police had registered a murder case actually related to honour killing.

Police was informed about the murder early next morning and reached on spot to recover the body. A case was regis­tered against Unnar and also against Muhammad Urs who is the grandfather of the deceased girl.

Locals and the journalists claimed that police were misguided since after claiming that the girl was killed in honour killing arresting the offender said that the girl was killed because of serving dinner late.
Source: Daily Times