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16 journalists killed, 47 injured in Pakistan during 2011

KARACHI: At least 16 journalists were killed and 47 injured during the eleven months of 2011 in Pakistan, the Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said in a report on Wednesday.

Among the 16 journalists, five journalists were abducted allegedly by the state intelligence agencies, and their bullet-riddled bodies were dumped at roadside.

Five journalists were killed in bomb blasts while performing their professional duties, six journalists were killed in target killings.

One journalist remains missing after abduction by plain clothed persons, the report said.

The security of the media persons remained a big question during the eleven months of 2011 and no proper steps have been taken to provide security by the authorities and even by the media houses.

The attitude of the media houses was more indifferent towards the safety and security of journalists as compared to the authorities, the report added.

The journalists who are involved in their professional duties in the conflict areas are more vulnerable and exposed to the law enforcement agencies, militant groups and other non-state actors.

The majority of the journalists are under-paid or allowed to use only ID cards of the channels they work for and have to arrange their own earnings, AHRC said.

During the period under review, journalists have faced the more insecurity and intolerance when compared with previous years.

The Balochistan Union of Journalists (BUJ) claims that 10 journalists were killed in Balochistan this year and no investigation was carried out.

The BUJ has not provided a list of the names of those killed.

In different attacks on journalists and media houses 35 working journalists, 10 camera men, one photographer, two drivers and one satellite engineer of print media and television channels were injured during the attacks, thrashed by officials and beaten by different groups.
Source: Business Recorder