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Turkish plays: futile controversy

By: AYESHA MAHMUD IN recent weeks people associated with the TV drama industry have made a huge uproar against the screening of Turkish plays on local TV channels. I am of the view that we, the viewers, should be the ones to decide about what we would like to watch, and the local drama fraternity […]

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Turkish plays: unjustified protest

BY: SYED TASADUQ INSTEAD of protesting and seeking government protectionist regulations against Turkish, Spanish dramas, the United Producer Association (UPA), which represents private television producers and production houses, should compete with foreign dramas by improving their quality and standards, so that the local viewers prefer watching Pakistani dramas rather than Turkish and other foreign soaps. […]

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Turkish soaps: an economic issue

By: AAMIR RAZA THE United Producers Association (UPA), a body of local TV soap opera producers, is protesting against the airing of foreign soap operas at prime time in Pakistan. After the success of a Turkish soap opera, Pakistani entertainment channels shelved a dozen of ongoing local TV serials and purchased a number of Turkish […]

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The good the bad and the ugly of Pakistani dramas

What makes a drama last a lifetime in our memories? Is it stories that reflect our own lives or the ones which allow us to step into a whole new world through a looking glass? The very best ones make us love the characters, argue their dilemmas and root for their success- no matter how […]

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Versatility, thy name is Hina Dilpazir

By: Kiran Shahid From her debut performance in Burns Road ki Nilofer to her most recent one as Momo in Bulbulay, Hina Dilpazir has gained unprecedented success and has left her imprints on the small screen. Her work, however, knows no bounds as she has done some theatre in her career as well, with one […]

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Turkish TV soaps

By: ZAMAN MALIK THESE days there is much hue and cry against the airing of Turkish dramas on a private TV channel. Actors from across the country to people in parliament were seen and heard speaking against the foreign content. All were advocating that there must be a code of conduct imposed by Pemra against […]

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Turkish soaps a welcome change

By: JAFFAR NAQVI THE recent screening of Turkish soaps on different private TV channels came as a pleasant surprise for its viewers. The soap, ‘Ishq-i-Mamnoo’, aired during prime time, caused a furore that surpassed all ratings records in Pakistan. The hue and cry being made by local artists and production houses against such foreign soaps […]

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Local vs foreign dramas

The stunning and unexpected popularity of dubbed Turkish soap Ishq-e-Mamnu has led to a revolution in Pakistani television which, many local actors say, could lead to the death of homemade drama. Actors have taken to the streets to call for government protectionism and a ban on these dubbed soap operas. The claims are similar to […]

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What’s the drama all about?

By: Hina Khwaja Bayat KARACHI: “Do not let foreign culture infiltrate your society, unless as a nation you have a clear vision regarding what to accept and what to reject that is being fed to you through foreign culture.” — Mao Zedong to Ashfaq Ahmed. This was the vision for a great China — shutting […]

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