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Secret agencies, media & the national interest

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PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This is in reference to Orya Maqbool Jan’s article, “Secret agencies, media and the national interest” (May 13). This ‘conspiracy mindset’ and a load of irrelevant, adhoc joinery of various ‘happenings’ to manufacture an argument is very common among the ‘experts’ in Pakistan. Such ‘experts’ always look at one side of the coin […]

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Secret agencies, media and the national interest

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Secret agencies and the media have a long history of association and this relationship continues and will keep on continuing. The two champions of democracy, the US and the UK, are known for their elaborate vast secret systems of secret agencies, CIA and MI6 and MI5, and we all know the influence both have on […]

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Policy matters: HRCP addresses post-election strategies in Balochistan

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KARACHI: The solution to Balochistan’s problems lies in the provision of basic human rights to its native people, which can only be achieved by pulling out the armed forces and ending the role of secret agencies in the province. These views were expressed by the National Party vice president, Hameed Baloch and Awami Workers Party […]

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